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Save time and money and take back control. Let us help you do the marketing to fill your next vacancy whilst you manage the CV processing, interviews and induction. No more expensive agency fees and you get the candidates you need for the role.

You are familiar with a traditional recruitment agency. They sit down with you, get your requirements and then on a results basis go off and find suitable candidates for you to interview. The problem that you face is that the percentages that are charged are commensurate with the risk that they are taking.

We take a different approach. Using our digital skills, we do the marketing for you. Combined with an applicant tracking system, we give you the tools to efficiently sift through the CVs so that you only spend time on the candidates of interest to you.

If required, we will sit down with you and look at how you can improve your employee value proposition. It’s not just the package you are offering but the whole experience.

The change is that you need to market to both your customers AND your employees if you want sustainable growth with a dynamic and motivated team.

REcruiting the right TEam Matters

Every business has its own individual identity and culture. This means that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ in successful recruitment. We believe that finding candidates who not only have the right qualifications and experience but also are the right fit for your culture is fundamental to your business’s growth and success. As well as being excellent for low turnover rates and office politics, the right people will add value to your business’s culture, which is reflected in how your brand is received in the wider world.

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Free Review

What are you looking to achieve? What is your employee value proposition? Is it good enough to attract the right staff.

Candidate Assessment

Is your candidate the right person for your business? Finding the right employee is getting harder, but with better tools, this needn't be.

Employee Cost Calculator

How much is your employee turnover costing you? What are the hidden and lost opportunity costs? Find out today.

Recruitment Marketing

We take a different approach. Using our digital skills, we do the recruiting for you combined with an applicant tracking system.

About KUB Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment is a hugely competitive industry, and it’s always a challenge for SMEs to get their voices heard above the noise. We are passionate about championing SMEs and want to provide a recruitment solution that is more cost-effective than recruitment agencies and gives you more control over the process.

We will work closely with you to understand your business, including its values and culture, and the kind of employee you want to attract. From there, we can target the talent you want, and work with you to build on your brand awareness to attract the best talent possible to grow your business.

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