Attracting The Right Candidates For Your Business

Attracting applicants for your vacancy can be as simple as posting a position online. The real challenge is to attract job applicants that are right for the position and will really help your business to thrive.

How you market yourself:

This all starts with the online image of the company. Are you marketing yourself as a dynamic and engaging place of work or does your image lack refinement? Defining your company culture online is the best way to showcase to candidates the kind of environment that they could be entering and therefore help you to attract the best talent available. This is also reflected in the job posting itself. In order to attract job applicants that are relevant to the role and will excel in the position, the advertisement should clearly state the job requirements, the benefits of the role and additional information on the company. Being clear, concise and focused in the job posting will help to eliminate any inappropriate applications for your vacancy.

Application tracking systems:

At this point, the implementation of an application tracking system can be highly beneficial. This allows you to easily track candidates on where they have come from and manage them through the system. Many applicants will apply for the role regardless of experience and skill set simply because they believe that it’s worth a go. This makes the task of screening these applications a massive part of your screening process. By utilising these systems you have the ability to filter out those applicants that are inappropriate for the role and streamline the process, spending your time on those that can really benefit your business. For some roles it is also worth including online screening questions. This will further increase the filtration of inappropriate candidates and increase efficiency in the hiring process.

Combining the two:

The implementation of digital techniques will allow you to identify what is and isn’t working in your recruitment process, as long as they are integrated correctly. This ensures that you aren’t wasting your own time or marketing spend and minimise the cost of talent acquisition. These can be used in tandem with the way that you market yourself. Your business is represented through the way you are presented online and the manner in which you interact with your candidates. Clear communication on who you are and what the role entails will attract job applicants that hold the relevant skills, experience and willingness to become key members of your business. They will not only sustain your quality, but also help to make it thrive.

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