The Benefits of Recruitment Marketing

The internet has evolved, allowing consumers to find the products and services they need at the click of a button. Is it possible for this to be flipped? Could employers use the same tricks to attract the desired talent to their workplace?  In short, yes. Customers and job seekers share commonalities; they are both enticed by brand and quality.
Recruitment marketing allows companies to utilise advertising, partnered with planned recruitment strategies, to ensure maximum impact. Globally, businesses are seeing highly beneficial results from recruitment marketing, in this blog we touch upon the 5 key benefits your company can expect if they embark on a recruitment marketing strategy.

Candidate Experience

Weighing up whether your company is right for a candidate viewing your business doesn’t begin when they are applying for a job you have advertised, it begins as soon as they first encounter your business. The candidate experience, therefore, is extremely important. When people are evaluating your company, they are really deciding whether they wish to apply to that job or not.
Recruitment marketing is a way to create a bespoke campaign to tailor exactly the type of people and skill sets you want to attract to your organisation, from the first viewing. For companies wanting to strengthen their candidate experience, recruitment marketing is a necessity.

Company Branding

People are bought by brands, not companies. Ideally, they are looking for a share in common values and principles, with the same aims which will make them a ‘perfect fit’. The way you market your core values is crucial for potential new employees, they want to know that they will feel right at home working for your company.
There needs to be a balanced blend of career information, work-life perks, nurtured campaigns in order to nail the employee value proposition for intrigued prospects. Recruitment marketing is a manageable way to master employer branding, through measurable and scalable strategy.

Minimised Hiring Costs

Feel like you are spending a lot on big fees? Money can go on several different things to hire, are you keeping track? Feel like a lot of it is unnecessary? A bespoke recruitment marketing package could cover you for 2 years, for the price it would be for one senior hire via a recruitment agency.
Recruitment marketing is a platform you can use to prioritise and plan effectively, you will be doing everything you need to at the margin of the time and cost. What happens if you find candidates you like that are not necessarily right for this particular position? Talent can be stored for you to revisit for new roles which arise to ensure you’re culturally growing in the desired capacity.

Candidate Quality

Quality will always triumph over quantity. Companies wanting to reach out to acquire the right talent need to be appealing to those not just actively looking for roles, yet those actively managing their careers and taking it upon themselves to research the market to see who the best competitors are in their field to work for. A common problem for a lot of companies is having the desired candidates look at their website but in short, not apply.
Setting up a talent network to convert the best candidates into leads for you to chase – a big win for your business. How do you guide these candidates to a point where they feel excited to submit an application? Recruitment marketing is a clear way to ease this process, it should be mistaken that this is not easy but if it is worked in the right way – this will help you appeal as a true market leader for your viewers.


It is no secret in today’s society that diverse teams will contribute to your team’s success. McKinsey research shows gender diverse teams are 15% more likely to outperform, whilst ethnically diverse teams are 35% more effective. Ensuring companies reach their diversity requirements is the one main challenge business face.
Recruitment marketing campaigns can be tailored to the exact personas they are wishing to target. Pro-actively through content, pipeline activity, events, businesses have the tools they need to directly engage with the desired candidates with a lot more ease.


Fulfilling internal business growth without using recruitment marketing is like trying to cherry pick without a ladder. Although you might find candidates able to do the job, it will require that extra bit of effort to ensure you find those hidden gems actively interested in the next best opportunity in the market. Companies are competing for candidates just as much as candidates competing for jobs – so it is crucial to nail an employee value proposition to attract your desired talent pool. Recruitment marketing is a way to grab attention across numerous different platforms; it is time to stop hoping the right candidates apply for your jobs. Be pro-active and utilise recruitment marketing to ensure you are attracting the talent your business deserves.

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