Candidate Selection Process

What is a Good Candidate Selection Process?

With the current employment legislation in place, it is very important that due diligence is demonstrated from the outset in the recruitment process.  If broken down into stages, whether using an applicant tracking system or just a paper and pen, it will be easier to demonstrate why candidates have not been successful.

Always ensure that your processes don’t discriminate against any candidate and show that you are genuinely selecting the best person for the job.  Make sure, when you are inviting your candidates in for interview, that you always ask if they need any ‘reasonable adjustments’ to be able to attend the interview site.

During the interviewing process, you should always use the same set of questions for each applicant.  An easy way to prepare for the interviews would be to create a form with all the questions you are going to ask on it, with plenty of space below each question, for you to write notes.  Although you have the same set of questions for each person you interview, it is important to make sure that the interview still feels like it flows freely and is a conversation, rather than a cross-examination.  Be prepared to ask follow up questions that will make the interview seem less structured. Make sure you really understand the job position so you are prepared for any questions that may come your way. You should also be prepared to ‘sell the job’ as your best applicants are likely to have lots of options.

At the end of the interview, make sure your candidates leave with closure, knowing exactly what the next stage will be and when they should be hearing from you or your recruitment colleagues and always deal with offers and rejections in a timely manner, offering feedback to both if requested.

Finally, before you make that final offer, ensure you’ve got solid references from your preferred applicant and always follow them up.  Even the most mediocre sales person can still sell themselves.

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