Finding Talented RecruitersAs an ex-recruiter myself I understand only too well just how competitive the recruitment industry is. You’re continually competing to win business with the most successful and fastest growing companies; whilst researching, identifying and trying to win the attention of the best quality candidates. Finding talented recruiters is a fine balancing act that takes a great deal of skill, account management, negotiation and nerve. Take your eye off the ball for a moment and a competitor is likely to jump in on the action.

Your team of recruiters spend their day making split second decisions on how to best spend their time, getting it wrong can have major implications to your profits and growth. However, not all of their focus is always going in the right place, and this isn’t necessarily their fault.

On average a sales person only spends 1 day a week actually doing their job. The other four days of the week are spent on administration, customer service, accounts admin, marketing activities and internal meetings. That’s a huge and frustrating weight to bear when you’re trying to smash your targets.

Finding talented recruiters can be like looking for the holy grail which means it’s vital for you to protect, nurture and support your team to ensure they don’t take their skills, knowledge, expertise, and possibly some of your best clients elsewhere.

Best Business Enabler has developed a support strategy especially aimed at the recruitment market to help them with finding talented recruiters. This allows our clients to employ just the key people within their company, the fee earners. It also allows the fee earners to concentrate on just two things, building strong relationships with clients and building strong relationships with candidates. The rest is handled by us.

Our clients are able to focus fully, 4 days a week on their core roll, with one day being consumed by internal meetings and sales/marketing planning activities. They’re finding that their core team now have greater focus, are able to close quicker and have a higher retention rate once the candidate has been placed. They’re aiming for larger slices of the pie within bigger businesses and finding better calibre candidates who they are able to coach more effectively through the recruitment process.

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Alice Jackson is Director of Business Services for Best Business Enabler and has recently been appointed to the Executive Committee for the IoD in Manchester, where she is Ambassador for Small Business and Finance. Her LinkedIn profile is: