Reduce Your Recruitment CostsReduce Your Recruitment Costs

With so many cloud based recruitment systems available to you, why would you use a recruitment agency for the majority of your staff recruitment? There are strong arguments for using a specialist recruitment agency for hard to fill or specialist roles where sector or skills specific knowledge and experience is required but for a lot of recruitment this can be done by yourselves with some assistance from us.

This article outlines a process which you can follow if you are looking to recruit a number of staff on a regular basis and where the selection process is clearly defined.

The outline of the process is straight forward:

For a more detailed look in to developing your own recruitment process take a look at: How to Effectively Recruit an Employee

Putting it in to Practise

You can reduce your recruitment costs by doing it yourself. But if you do need help then these are the sort of steps that we would need to take you through:

We have included our costs if we are doing it for you. Another option would be for us to train you how to do it or a hybrid of we set it up, getting it all working for 3 months and then handing it over for you to manage when all the issues have been ironed out.

Once embedded in your business the process outlined is a great way to reduce your recruitment costs. It gives you control whilst reducing your overheads.

More Information

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For more information on the process of recruitment go to, “How to effectively recruit an employee