The Importance of Company Culture & Values

The Importance of Company Culture and Values

What do you tell people when you’re promoting your business?

Probably quite a lot about ‘what you do’, and how well you do it. But how about ‘who you are’?

It’s frequently overlooked, or at least underplayed. But knowing and declaring ‘who you are’ – your company culture and values – is critical to business success. Not only externally, as a key marketing tool, but also within your organisation.

Company culture in many ways defines both the philosophy and personality of an organisation – what it believes in, cares about, its environment, priorities, purpose and values.

If your company values are inclusive and applied with integrity, in time they can transform you business operation, improving productivity, communication and harmony. This is particularly valuable at a time when more is been asked of workforces, particularly smaller teams.

So it’s vital that any new recruits to your business are aware of, and adhere, to your clearly defined values. To ensure this happens, try the following steps:

Involving a diverse group can be helpful in forming your company’s culture and values, otherwise you may unintentionally alienate some team members. For example, if you have an intense work environment, be careful not to discriminate against those who have disabilities or domestic pressures that preclude them from, for example, physical sports or after-hours drinks in the bar.

And finally, take a step back. If you are leading a business, driving it forward, it’s easy to get caught in the chase for growth and achievement. But don’t forget that most people – even your most productive and effective team members – work to live, not live to work.

Theirs is a grounded, sustainable approach, and one you may wish to also consider enshrining in your company culture and values.

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