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How to Prepare a Person Specification

By this stage in the process, you will know what the candidate will be doing, so in order to find the right person, you need to know exactly what it is you are looking for.  This is where building an in-depth person specification will come in to play.  This, if you like, is the CV of the perfect applicant.

The person specification will need to cover various things.  The Job Description should be ingrained within the person specification, along with the department or function within the business.

It should also include the formal qualifications needed for the role, along with the experience, knowledge and skill required for the right candidate. 

You will need to be very clear on any situation factors and include these in the specification.  For example, if the role is likely to mean working long hours or overtime, whether shift work or weekend work will be required, are there physical demands that go with the job or whether there may be extensive travel involved or even a re-location.  There will be certain candidates who won’t be able to fulfil some of these criteria therefore you need to be clear on these from the outset. 

You should also incorporate a section on values, the values of the business are very important when attracting the right candidate.

You will need to be very explicit throughout of where the various attributes should be evidenced, for example, within the application form, the interview or assessment.  You should also note throughout whether the things being asked for are essential or desirable.  You don’t want to lose out on your perfect employee because they’ve only had 9 years experience instead of 10!

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