Preparing a Job DescriptionPreparing a Job  Description

So, business is booming and you need more staff?

That’s a positive thing and, if you’re a small company, it’s also exciting. You’re on the upward curve. Your company is getting bigger.

When you experience these feelings, it signals the exact time to hit the pause button, take a step back and ask yourself a simple question.

Are you absolutely sure you need to employ another person?

There’s more cost to recruiting someone than just their wages. Add on pension contributions and National Insurance, plus the space and equipment they will need, and you’re looking at twice their salary. Do you really need to make this commitment?

Consider the following:

If you still believe, after all this self-scrutiny, that your team needs to grow in size, that’s good, because business expansion is a positive development. However you can now be certain the new person is necessary and, just as important, you will have a better idea of exactly what they will bring to your organisation.

So now you need to apply the same rigour to ensuring you get the right person.

Once you have this information, reinforced by your conviction that this is a new appointment you require, you can draft the all important job description and personal specification – your blueprint and road map towards a successful appointment.

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