Understanding Psychometric Assessments

KUB has partnered with a UK-based Psychometric Testing Supplier, with over 15 years experience. Our strategic partner has developed market leading “job-fit” technology to create modern validated pre-employment, employee engagement and behavioural assessments tests and assessments, based on years of research and validation. This is totally different to the old commonly used narrow DISC (ipsative) or MBTI tools.

According to the Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology only Normative psychometric personality assessments should be used in circumstances that require comparative analysis of traits, job fit behaviours, and the prediction of job performance.

Hence, our partner provides you with an easy-to-use online platform (and printable format) specifically designed for the 21st Century commercial business market.

The reports platform is now being used by many forward thinking companies such as Xerox, Bupa and others, who need a modern, easy to use, efficient, cost effective and accurate, recruitment, employee engagement and organisational development tool. Furthermore, this tool gives recruiters and HR managers the ability to scientifically hire, train, and promote the right people for the right jobs. The ease of use, custom bench marking, applicant ranking, and data mining capabilities make it the right choice for any business.

Savvy business owners and HR managers know that having the right information on employees or any potential new members of staff is vital in the modern workplace. Not only does this enable the best job fit but also helps well being and mental health.

Imagine being able to understand your people in such a way that you are able to build an effective, productive engaged workforce and identify core strengths within teams:

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Job-Fit Report

This report describes the person’s personality traits (based on the industry-standard personality factors). It describes how the person naturally prefers to approach their work, an important element in job performance.

From this report employers may determine the person’s personality ‘fit’ compared to one of the basic job categories from our library of over 150 benchmarks.

Easy to use and understand

Using the traffic light and bell-curve approach to display the scores for all the other competencies we can quickly see how the candidate scores compare to the job benchmark requirements.

Individuals scoring in the Green area are likely to show the same/similar personality traits as the best performers. Individuals scoring in the Yellow area are likely to show much less of the same personality traits as the best and will have a different approach to the work.

Individuals scoring in the Red area are likely to have traits that are the opposite of the best. The Team graphic shows how the individual will relate to the rest of the team in which they may work.

Finally, the Good Impression (validity) scale gives an indication of whether or not the individual is trying to modify their responses and perhaps tell us what (they think) we want to hear or whether they are being open and frank about their responses.

A high score here should give us cause for concern – indicating they are attempting to disguise or exaggerate their personal behavioural preferences and hence alter their responses.

Attitude (to Work) Report

This report assesses an individual’s ‘fit’ with working culture and role by measuring up to six areas of potentially Counter productive work behaviours as well a Good Impression (validity) scale.

The Scales Measured

Conscientious (Dependability), Hostility (Aggression), Integrity (Honesty) & Good  impression (this is a validity scale that measures the degree to which the person has responded truthfully to the test items or is responding in such a way as to make a good impression).

NB: the attitude assessment is modular with these four “core” scales and then three additional scales that can be added as needed – namely, Substance Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Computer Misuse.

10 Good Reasons to use Psychometric Assessment Tools

Having the right people in the right roles is important and mistakes can be costly, in more ways than one. So here are our top 10 tips to reduce the risk of a bad hire with our strategic partner’s Psychometric Assessment tools.

(1) You’ll reduce hiring mistakes

The recruitment process is costly and making a hiring mistake can prove to be even more costly – in fact, the true cost of a bad hire is frightening. Preventing just one wrong hire could save your company thousands of pounds.

Having the right in depth information on a person’s traits, attitude, cognitive abilities, reliability, honesty, conscientiousness, behaviour etc is invaluable. It will enable you to avoid falling into the trap of hiring someone who performs well in an interview environment – but nowhere else.

(2) You’ll be able to understand the whole person

People are more than just the snapshot you’ll get of them during an interview and HR experts will tell you that a person’s CV isn’t always as it seems.

Specific behavioural assessments will give you a much clearer idea of which candidates will thrive in your company and which would clash with your company’s culture.

(3) The results are measurable

Quantifying human behaviour and its associated impact on the bottom line is one of the most difficult challenges facing organizations. With the coming age of Big Data, pre-employment assessment is one of the most simple and cost effective ways you can clearly quantify people-related ROI.

Correlating assessment and recruitment results with outcome variables such as core job performance, turnover percentage, engagement and commitment is the way for HR departments to transform their image of being a cost centre to an accountable, profit driving, business critical function.

(4) You will shorten the hiring process

Recruiting the right person, particularly for executive and more senior roles, can take months – and as we all know, time is money.

Online assessment systems give you the ability to pre-screen candidates, speeding up the process, and allowing you to have someone in the job within weeks rather than months (subject to their availability).

(5) You will have a more objective selection process

Before an assessment can be carried out your HR team should think carefully about the role and the required attributes of the successful candidate. This process allows you to really focus on what is needed in a new recruit. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for will stop you being confused by a candidate that may be excellent, but doesn’t really fit with your requirements.

(6) Testing beats gut feel

Human instinct is little better than rolling dice and having the stakeholders absorb the cost of a bad hire. To replace a skilled employee, research indicates it can cost up to 150% of the employee’s salary in lost productivity; making bad hires is a cost every business should strive to reduce.

Psychometric testing adds a level of standardization and objectivity to the traditional art of recruitment by helping to remove the unconscious bias that comes along with many selection decisions.

Meta-analyses have shown that including psychometric assessments can improve recruitment outcomes by 44% over traditional selection methods, such as resume screening and unstructured interviews.

(7) Ensure company stability

Businesses aim to keep company culture consistent. Psychometric tests can help achieve this by making it possible to select candidates with the mentality that aligns best with a specific company culture.

(8) They guarantee consistency of benchmarks

Candidates are all assessed according to the same criteria – not based on any biases or prejudices, such as appearance, race or education. This in turn helps in taking more objective decisions.

As a safeguard, it’s very difficult to cheat on our psychometric test, as the questions are formulated to ensure that their answers are consistent throughout the test. Additionally, our assessments contain sophisticated algorithms which can detect acquired, distorted or exaggerated responses.

(9) You’ll attract better employees

In the modern workplace candidates expect any company of worth to use the latest psychometric testing. Behavioural assessments will improve the credibility of the recruitment process and show candidates that the role, employee engagement and their part to play in the company, is valued.

(10) You don’t need training or a psychology degree to understand our reports

Our tests provide ‘beautifully designed, data rich and easy to read reports, which can now be instantly accessed online. Simplified real world language and graphics that tell you exactly what you need to know that helps you to make confident hiring decisions.

And finally, before you take advantage of a FREE – no obligation trial please note the following….

Award Winning & Industry Recognised

Our partner has been recognised as Award winners for best supplier at the OnRec (recruitment industry) awards, we have also had our test reviewed by the British Psychological Society, a copy of which is available from the Psychological Testing Centre website.

Comprehensive Assessment Range

Cover all aspects of your candidates’ suitability to join your company and be successful in the roles with access to all of our assessments at no additional cost.

150+ Job Fit Benchmarks

You get full access to all of our existing Job Fit Benchmarks (templates of the ideal candidate) so you can begin to identify future talent straight away.

Easy To Read Reports

Short and to-the-point graphical and narrative reports show you how and where candidates fit your requirements and where you need to probe deeper.

Assessment Dashboard

The assessment dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of all your candidates assessment scores so you can sort, sift, rank and filter your candidates to identify the best candidates with ease.

You can also post jobs to your own branded careers site and provide unique URL’s for your candidates to apply and complete your online recruitment process and assess all applicants at the point of application.

“The competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead. Companies that give extra flexibility to their employees will have the edge in this area.” – Bill Gates

 “The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” – Steve Jobs

“As a business owner or manager, you know that hiring the wrong person is the most costly mistake you can make.” – Brian Tracy

“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.” – Jim Collins

Demonstration of the Big 5 Assessment Dashboard & Reports”

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