Recruitment Processes - Like Baking BreadRecruiting can be a minefield but if you follow some simple initial first steps to create reliable recruitment processes you can improve your chances of getting what you want….

Step 1:

Whether “recruiting for attitude” or seeking out niche “skills and knowledge” step 1 is to critically review your vacancy.  Examine the job description e.g. look internally to see if others could benefit from taking on developmental duties from the leavers role, are all duties still relevant, what other group of duties would sit well within this role or is the role no longer required at all?  Shape and future proof the role to aid the development of your business.

Step 2:

Check in on your company mission, vision and values checking that you are recruiting for someone who will fit the culture you have or are aspiring to achieve.  By embedding key language in your advert and job description/person specification you optimise chances or communicating what you are all about and what “behaviours” you are seeking in a candidate.

Step 3:

Include practical information, what would you want to know?  An advert is the initial form of communication, it sounds obvious but a location, salary, specific hours or particular “essential criteria” should be obvious from the start so you don’t hook the wrong fish!  If you are exempt from the Sex Discrimination Act or if a driving license is required, make it known.

Step 4:

When is an interview not an interview but still an interview?

Interviews are like baking cakes…  there are so many ingredients to consider all affecting what you will end up with!

121 face to face or panel interview may not be the most fitting approach.  An approach should be tailored to the position to which you are recruiting.  For example:

Don’t forget: As you develop your recruitment processes that once you have a recipe that works you can re-use again and again.

At ELCONS Employment Law we advocate best practice in recruitment processes.  Not only to attain the highest calibre of new starter but also to ensure you protect your business from claims during the process. for more information, please go to: ELCONS website