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With skills shortages in many industries, it is becoming more important than ever to ensure that employees are retained and developed. It is often said that employees join the company for the job and leave because of their boss.

Here are some of reasons why employees leave their jobs:

Poor and Ineffective Leadership

Strong leadership is key to help retain your best employees. Leadership is all about cultivating your relationship with the employee to get the best out of them and the employee should feel like they are in the position to do their best work under your guidance. Failing to be an effective leader can result in conflicts with supervisors or managers and be a driving force for talent to leave your business.

Low Job Satisfaction

There are a multitude of ways in which an employee can be dissatisfied in their job. They may feel like they are being unfairly treated or unappreciated for the work they put in. This can be resolved by reassuring each of your staff on the quality of their work and helping to guide them to their personal best. At the end of the day, your employees are human too and should be treated as such- just a little empathy and encouragement goes a long way.

Pay Inequality

Both internally and externally, rate of pay is fundamental to retain your best employees. On an internal level, employees will naturally compare the amount of work they do to the person next to them. If there is a disparity in their wage but not their work, this will not go unnoticed. In the grander scheme of things, it’s important to look at the wage and benefits structure of your competitors. If you aren’t offering that incentive to hold on to your best assets, then there is nothing to stop them from leaving to join your competitors.

The Job Isn’t What they Signed Up For

Once an employee is in the door, the most disappointing thing they can realise is that the job they interviewed for is not the role they will be taking on. There may be too much or too little work, or company values may not line up with their own. This is where it is key to attract job applicants that are right for the role with an application process that clearly defines what the job entails, how the company works and exactly what their involvement in the business will be.

Lack of Opportunities for Career Development

To retain your best employees, you need to help fuel their drive for success. Naturally these members of staff will look to do more and take on more responsibilities within the business and your leadership can guide them to thrive in those positions. Your best employees will be ambitious and eager, if they feel like this isn’t being rewarded then it is an inevitability that they will move on to a business where they will be valued and pushed to grow in their roles.

There are other reasons such as a spouse relocating and ill health, but these are not under your control.

Monitor your staff turnover and ensure you carry out exit interviews when somebody leaves. Implement any changes if required following the feedback.

The increasing cost of recruitment means that more attention needs to be given to employee retention within organisations and businesses.

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