Top Tips For Successful Recruitment & RetentionTop Tips for Successful Recruitment & Retention

Over the last few weeks a topic that keeps coming up with my clients is staff retention. Many of my clients have problems in this area and it is an on-going issue for their businesses. It is never cheap to take on a new employee. However, most businesses do not understand the real cost of taking on a new member of staff and it is often more expensive than they initially realise.

Firstly, you have the cost of recruitment itself. Whether this be via a recruitment agency, a newspaper ad, a job board or an internal recommendation scheme; there will likely always be some type of financial cost to attracting the right candidate for your role.

Secondly, you then have the cost of time. You or your hiring manager will spend time away from your day job sifting CV’s, conducting interviews and dealing with third parties such as recruitment agencies.

Thirdly, once that person is in your business you will bear the costs of training, paying their salary and benefits and all associated office costs with starting a new employee such as work station/ computer/phone costs etc.

Finally, if the new employee does not work out you will have to start this process again incurring further costs.

Here are my top tips to ensure that the recruitment process does not cost you any more time or money than it needs to.

Choose the method of recruitment that is right for you

There are many ways of attracting candidates to your business. This may be via advertising on your website, getting referrals from existing staff, advertising in the newspaper or on a job board or enlisting the help of a reputable recruitment agent. Make sure that you choose a recruitment method that is right for you. If it is a lower level role and you have the time you may choose to recruit directly via low cost advertising as you have time to sift applications, perform telephone screenings etc yourself and do not want to go to the cost of employing a recruitment company.

However, if it is a more senior or difficult to recruit role, if recruitment is not your main job or if you are short on time it may be more beneficial to employ a specialist recruiter to help you. If you are outsourcing your vacancy make sure that you take the time to really get to know your recruitment partner and ensure that they have all of the details of what you are looking for. Ask them how they attract candidates and make sure that they have a guarantee period that fits in with your expectations of how long it may take a new employee to start performing in your business.

Make sure that you put enough time aside to get really involved during the recruitment process

It may seem obvious; however, this is one of the most important things that you need to consider when starting the recruitment process. However, you choose to recruit whether it be via a recruitment company or directly; you need to make sure that you put aside enough time to really get involved in the process. This will ensure that your potential employee not only has the right skills and experience to perform the role but will also fit into your existing team. No one knows your business and what you are looking for better than you. Remember- a candidate may seem perfect on paper but in reality, may not fit into your business.

Always do more than one interview

In my experience companies that are desperate for good staff and short on time sometimes go with their ‘gut’ feeling and offer a candidate a role after only one interview. This is a mistake. Always ask the candidate to come back for a second interview- even if you feel that you are sure of your decision. This will allow you to ‘sleep on it’ and get to know the candidate better to make sure that they are the right person and will give you more confidence going forward. If necessary, involve your staff in the process- especially if they will be managing or working with this person in order to ensure team-fit.

Prioritise a Training and Induction period

Once the role has been filled and the candidate is in your business ensure that they are properly inducted and trained. This seems like common sense; however, it is often where an employer goes wrong- especially when busy. A candidate’s first impression and experience during the first few weeks in a role can be the difference between them committing to your company in the long-run or further seeking other opportunities. Close supervision in this period can also highlight any potential training needs or issues that may need to be addressed early on.

Conduct Regular Reviews

This is something that often gets over-looked in the day to day of running a business but is so important to retaining your staff. Conducting regular formal reviews allows both you and your employee to voice how they are performing, any potential issues, training needs etc and often allows you to anticipate any potential issues that may cause your employee to seek other work. It is also a great way of spending 1 on 1 time with your staff and a forum for recognising their achievements.

Look after your staff

Your staff are your most important asset- look after them and they will be productive and loyal. Make sure that you are rewarding your staff. Whether this be via a formal benefits package, internal incentives or regularly recognising those that go the extra mile. If staff are happy, well treated and have the opportunity to progress within the company they are much less likely to leave you. This is so important when you consider the cost of recruitment and retention.

I hope that these tips will help you to recruit and retain within budget. For more help and/or advice when it comes to your recruitment please contact me at [email protected] or 07793124005 or message me via my LinkedIN profile.

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