Communication Verbal ReasoningFinding the best candidate with verbal reasoning tests

Verbal reasoning is a key skill in any workplace. To find the best candidates, we recommend recruiters use them as part of the selection process.

These tests are a valuable resource for recruiters looking to assess a candidate’s suitability for a job. Candidates with strong verbal reasoning skills may not necessarily express themselves well on their CVs, the formulaic nature of which can often mean their language abilities don’t fully shine through. In order to find the best candidates for a role, using these tests can help recruiters identify those individuals who are better able to comprehend and communicate both verbally and in writing.

What is verbal reasoning and why assess it?

Verbal reasoning is the ability to use language effectively, and it’s a valuable skill to have in any workplace. Those with strong reasoning skills are able to understand and think logically about verbal and written information, accurately draw conclusions from that information, produce well-written, intelligible reports and convey their ideas to others in a clear and simple manner.

The ability to verbally articulate your thoughts is vital at any level of an organisation, but particularly so in roles where written reports, presentations or supervising teams mean an individual needs to be able to express themselves effectively. The results of the tests can help recruiters discover the extent to which candidates are able to logically identify issues and draw conclusions from business-related reading materials such as company reports, and how well they can communicate that information to others. They also give a strong indication of how likely they will be to produce clear, well-written reports and documents of their own.

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