Recruitment Marketing is the process of promoting the value of working for an employer in order to recruit the right people. Recruitment Marketing is new to HR as is uses digital marketing techniques to give employers a competitive edge in attracting and recruiting quality candidates.

Today’s candidates discover and consider employers the same way consumers find products they want to buy. By searching online, following social media and reading reviews, candidates can become aware of an employer and its career opportunities. What they learn about a company’s mission and culture can influence a candidate’s decision to apply for a job, accept an offer for employment, or form a negative perception.

Given the similarities between candidate and consumer behaviour, the disciplines of Recruitment Marketing and marketing have many parallels.

Recruitment Marketing agencies have a different role to recruitment agencies.

Recruitment Marketing is about communicating the employer brand story, raising awareness of the job opportunities to potential candidates who may not be actively looking but would nevertheless be open to a new opportunity if it provided progression and finally making it easier for new openings to be found.

The recruitment agency is then responsible for managing the actual recruitment process. Recruitment Marketing complements recruiters by building and nurturing a pipeline of interested candidates for recruiters to contact for jobs today and in the future.

The role of Recruitment Marketing is at the start of the recruiting process, also called the pre-applicant stage, in which candidates become aware of an employer. Recruitment Marketing communicates the employer value proposition and promotes the company as an employer of choice through various marketing and advertising channels. The interface between Recruitment Marketing and recruiting occurs when a lead becomes an applicant, in other words, when a job application is completed. From that point forward, the recruiter screens applicants and manages the hiring process, working with the hiring manager through selection, interview, offer and acceptance.

As a profession, Recruitment Marketers are dedicated to brand awareness, reputation management, social engagement, email communication, event management and lead generation. All of these are valid ways to implement Recruitment Marketing in order to find and attract candidates in today’s competitive job market. As candidates become more digital, mobile and social in how they search for jobs and potential employers, the discipline of Recruitment Marketing will evolve to be as sophisticated as B2B and B2C Marketing.

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